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Pre-Post Covid (prophylaxis and management) with Ayurveda patient shows good status

A lady aged 52yrs with fever and throat patient visited 7th Oct’20

She an old patient of mine earlier 1year back treated for around 5-6 months for raised pancreatic enzyme and digestive issues. Her physique is lean & thin and having Vata Pradhan Prakriti, with good Satwa.

From distance at clinic (following covid rules) she was consulted for cold-feverish complain and prescribed routine course for seasonal cold and asked to have follow up over phone next day and get her routine haemogram blood test, CRP test done first if fever and complain persists. She next day reported me over phone that her husband a businessman and known COPD case under Allopathy doctor treatment in his routine checkup had tested positive and got admitted in private hospital under the Allopathy family doctor. She was counseled over phone and also asked to get her tested, and if any complains, update or get Hospital admitted accordingly.  She got test on 9th October 2020 and the next day report showed positive for Covid -19. Blood report and CRP count with respect to her then presenting complains, seemed full control. Her vital status and condition access as taken over phone was improving and not any serious, and so she was treated at home with respect to the official guidelines to attend in Emergency nearby Covid-19 Hospital as needed. She continued improving with Ayurveda medicines and was reluctant to have any other medicines as she had faith and herself felt improving with given medicines. As medical assurance and assessment with treatment given got her all-other requisite test (D-Dimer, LDH, Ferritin, etc. with routine CBC repeat) done on 12/10/2020. All the followed reports and physical condition were in control and much improved with the only Ayurveda treatment given, proper diet, Yoga and self-isolation/quarantine stay. She was advised over phone for CT scan chest to finally rule out anything and plan the next course. She on 16/10/2020 herself got re-test done for Covid and it resulted negative for Covid-19 ; and as earlier advised on 19/10/202 her CT scan report showed normal. She was thereafter treated as post-Covid-19 recovered case with no complication. She is happy and had permitted to share all the reports for the documentation. Her electronic media consent was taken.

During the period she was prescribed following medicines.

First Visit (07/10/2020):

Nivalembu Kudineer 3g twice before food with warm water, Kabaseer Kudineer 3g twice after food with warm water, sos(if fever) Lakshmi Vilas (Naradiya) Rasa 125mg with Asuka tab (Ganga co, Sutsekhar, Kamdudha, Avipattikar Yoga) 125mg with warm water after food

Oxitard cap (Himalaya co, Amla, Ashwagandha+) 2 cap twice before food morning-evening with warm water for 3 days.

Steam with Halin cap (Nagarjuna co, Eucalyptus oil+) 1 cap mix in bowl warm water or added in steam machine, twice a day morning and evening, preferably empty stomach, Gargle with OroT (Himalaya co, Triphala, Turmeric+) 30ml twice in warm water at brush time or in comfort anytime.

Have easy to digest food; include Shunti, Dhania, turmeric, etc. in food (Lauki, Parwal seasonal vegetable), Mudga Dal. (Rice, milk, less)

(Fever, malaise condition improved, weakness and cough persisted)

Second Follow up (on phone after first report – on positive, driver came to collect medicine) (10/10/2020)

Sitopaladi Churna 50g + Abhrak Bhasma 10g + Giloy Satwa 20g combo as Yoga 1 tsf (5g) to be taken twice with Vasant Malati Rasa 125mg mixed in honey twice before food

She was given Swamla (Dhootpapeshwar co. Chyawanprasha +) 1 tsf full (5-6g) as per appetite/taste to increase to 2tsf full (10-12g), followed by warm water or milk (if no fever) and for SOS anytime (breathing distress if to lick Swasanand Gutika 125mg (AVS Kottakal co) two-three time as required. (This helped in sob - shortness of breath, or breathing discomfort)

Regular hourly updates like Oxygen saturation (which was 90+ always), temperature, and vital parameters as per Ayurveda Agni with regard to Koshtha (bowel status) etc. were taken. Video calls were done as needed and a picture of tongue was asked to send daily to note ‘Aama’ status.

(Cough weakness improved, No body pain, no fever. All symptoms gradually improved, appetite bowel was normal) (12/10/2020 - 18/10/2020)

(Patient had not taken any allopathic medicines during treatment though her family member suggested zinc, vitamin tab and Paracetamol, which she took irregularly or not at all) (She of her belief preferred taking allopathic only in last emergency if needed) (For her in such emergency case even have kept Abhragarbha Pottali and Jay Mangal Rasa handy, but this was not needed in her treatment) 

Final update (as negative Covid -19 report and normal CT scan) (19/10/2020)

Patient BT was having cold, feverish, weakness, cough her Covid-19 report was positive, with CRP raised as found consecutively. AT of fortnight Covid-19 report was negative with CT scan normal and no such presenting complains. Her vital parameters and general health was normal and improved.

During Post fever follow up Arogyawardhini Vati 2 tab with little milk bedtime, Kalmegh single herb capsule 2cap morning empty with warm water and further Rasayan Chikitsa as per Ayurveda and need. Jwara Rasa Dhatu Pachaka Kashaya (Kalingak, Patol, Kutaki +) as Charak Samhita was planned, patient have been asked for routine blood investigations for LFT, Renal Profile, etc) (Patient have been asked to follow up accordingly for consecutive treatment if needed.)

(Patient felt much better health wise in compare to other relatives taken other system medicine. All factor Ayurveda medicine-Yukti, her will-power, punctuality made her improved)

*Over Phone and WhatsApp (E-media) typed consent was taken post course prior case submission.


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