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This portal will facilitate posting of success stories/successfully treated cases by Ayush practitioners. These cases will help Ayush practitioners to know approaches adopted by their colleagues in treatment of various patients. Public can also go through these cases and understand the strengths of various Ayush systems in treatment of various ailments/diseases and adopt informed choices for the treatment as and when required.
This covers all the seven systems of Ayush viz. Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Homoeopathy and Sowa Rigpa.
Ayush practitioners across the world as well as the general public.
This portal will present to the public information about clinical cases in an easy format. It will increase their awareness about treatment options in Ayush systems and help to make informed choices when required. However, ACCR discourages self-medication in the strongest terms and advices consulting a qualified practitioner for finalising appropriate treatment.
Ayush practitioners can upload as many cases as they want, which will be published subject to review by experts.
Ayush practitioners are required to sign up in the first instance by entering a few details as specified. Thereafter, they can sign in with credentials, every time when they want to submit a case on the portal. All submitted cases will be reviewed by the experts and after their approval will be published and available for public view.
After uploading, cases will be reviewed by experts. Subject to their review, cases will be published on the portal.