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Naturopathy management for peptic ulcer



Naturopathy management for peptic ulcer - Saved

Case report

A 22 years old Male patient was suffered from indigestion symptom with ulcer and he came to our wellnes center on October 2020. Before that he took Ayurveda and siddha medication for 2 years, but through that medication he didn't get any changes. And His relative suggested him to take naturopathy and yoga treatment.


A detailed case history was taken to him. He had the symptoms of indigestion and abdomen pain for the past 3 years.

I suggested the following treatments for 14 day's,

those are

Yoga therapy:

After drinking 1 glass of water in empty stomach. I asked him to perform vajrasana .( to improve the peristatic movement) and certain yogasanas like pawanmuktasana ..etc


Mud pack application in abdomen (Duration: 15-20 mins)


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Naturopathy management for peptic ulcer - Saved

Diet therapy: He was adviced to take cabbage soup or raw cabbage juice in empty stomach,vegetables,green leaves, & plenty of water .And he was asked to avoid spicy, oily, tangy & fast foods.

Acupressure :Given pressure point over P6 for 15 to 20 seconds daily.

Patient feedback of post treatment:

After 14 days of naturopathy management he felts better and his indigestion complaint got reduced slowly and ulcer complaint was also slowly subsides.

The patient returned to the center 1 week later and happily reported that his acute pain went away within the first 24 hours. After 3 days of the protocol, all of his symptoms had completely resolved.

Due to the timing of his pain subsiding, it appears that the freshly juiced cabbage was effective in healing his suspected ulcer.

Treatment aims to improve general well-being and promote lifestyle behaviours that reduce the expression of the disorder.


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  • AYUSH Discipline: Naturopathy
  • AYUSH System: GIT
  • Posted By: Dr . M . Agnes anamiga
  • Posted Date: 30-08-2021 11:29 AM
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