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Case ID: NC000034

Bartholin's cyst & Homoeopathy

A Case of 20 year Female ,Suffering from Bartholin Cyst  since 1 year  was on conventional treatment  still she use to cyst reappeared even after operation ,She was given Homoeopathic Treatment Remedy Thuja 30c was prescribed based on her complete physical ,mental symptoms along with Thermal consideration and after 1 month Follow-up her cyst was cured.This proves the efficacy of Homoeopathic Remedy in treating Vaginal tumors Bartholin’s Gland.

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  • AYUSH Discipline: Homoeopathy
  • AYUSH System: Other
  • Posted By: Dr.Jitesh Sharma
  • Posted Date: 14-10-2020 12:13 AM
  • Status: Accepted